Who are we? Introducing the Plantfish Team!

Johan Eklöf, PhD
Johan Eklöf, PhDProject leader
I am a docent and associate senior lecturer at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences at Stockholm University. My work concerns the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss in marine ecosystems, the ecology of ecosystem services, and ecosystem-based management. I am the project leader of PlantFish and main supervisor of postdoc Serena Donadi and PhD student Åsa Nilsson.
Ulf Bergström, PhD
Ulf Bergström, PhDResearcher
I am a researcher at the Institute of Coastal Research, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. My work concerns marine habitat and food web ecology, and applications within fisheries and conservation. Within PlantFish I am one of the fish guys, dealing mainly with habitat effects on fish recruitment and food web effects of fish predation.
Joakim Hansen, PhD
Joakim Hansen, PhDEnvironmental analyst
I work at the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre with analyzing national monitoring data, communicate research findings to authorities and the public, and to participate in research projects. Within PlantFish I am the expert on aquatic plants, but I have worked extensively also with other organisms like invertebrates and fish. I am also the co-supervisor of PhD student Åsa Nilsson.
Göran Sundblad, PhD
Göran Sundblad, PhDResearcher
I am a researcher at AquaBiota Water Research AB. My work is focused around the distribution and functioning of coastal ecosystems and their associated services, with a special interest in fish and management applications. My contributions within PlantFish are primarily related to the effect of foundation species on coastal fish communities and fish habitat modelling.
Britas Klemens Eriksson, PhD
Britas Klemens Eriksson, PhDResearcher
I am an associate professor in Groningen, the Netherlands. The past decade I have studied double-trouble generated by the combination of nutrient pollution and fishing on coastal food webs in the Baltic Sea. I am part of the think-tank in Plant Fish as a Principal Investigator and advisor.
Serena Donadi, PhD
Serena Donadi, PhDPostdoc
I am broadly interested in the biotic interactions and feedbacks that underpin ecosystem functioning and resilience under the increasing influence of human impacts. Within the PlantFish project I investigate the importance of trophic interactions (top-down control) for shallow bay food webs in the Baltic Sea, and assess the presence of reciprocal feedback mechanisms between large predatory fish and benthic vegetation.
Åsa Nilsson, MSc
Åsa Nilsson, MScPhD student (funded by Stockholm University)
I am a PhD student who enjoy the archipelago both in my work and spare time. I am primarily interested in i) what factors that structure aquatic plant communities, ii) the importance of plant traits (e.g. shoot length, structural complexity) for ecosystem functions (e.g. sediment stabilization and habitat provisioning) and natural values (e.g. water quality and fish recruitment).

MSc students

  1. Marin van Regteren

  2. Philip Jacobson

  3. Marelle van der Snooek

  4. Hugo Davegård

  5. Filippa Ek


  1. Stefan Skoglund

  2. Viktor Thunell

  3. Christina Jönander

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